Monday, April 21, 2014

The Comfort TV Trivia Quiz

Ok, let’s just have some fun this week.

Among the many calamities for which the Internet is responsible (identity theft, Justin Bieber’s career, the death of responsible journalism), it has also pretty much killed the trivia contest.

And yes, I do recognize the irony of trashing the Internet on my blog.

Trivia contests used to be fun. There was a genuine sense of accomplishment if you knew the answers, and if you didn’t know a question it would bother you for the rest of the day. Now, of course, you can type the question into any search engine and 130,000 websites will pop up to provide the correct answer. 

But let’s try it anyway, and I’m trusting all of you to stay on the honor system. Below are 50 names. Your challenge is simply to figure out, as Jerry Seinfeld would say, “Who arrrrrre these people?” They could be actors, they might be characters, or they may have some other Comfort TV connection.

For those who resist the temptation to Google, the answers will be posted next week.

If you’d like, leave your score in the comments – let’s see if anyone gets them all.

1. Henry Bemis

2. Frances Lawrence

3. Grady Byrd

4. Cyndi Grecco

5. Willie Armitage

6. Sonia Manzano

7. Wilbur Post

8. Victoria Winters

9. Lance White

10. Jerrica Benton

11. Roswell Rogers

12. Dorothy Ramsey

13. Miguelito Loveless

14. Gertrude Berg

15. Roy Hinkley

16. Lonnie Burr

17. Gloria Brancusi

18. Frank Nelson

19. Carol Merrill

20. Noodles Romanoff

21. Janet Louise Johnson

22. Charles Lane

23. Vicki Lawson

24. Don Fedderson

25. Arnold Ziffel

26. Tara King

27. Earl J. Waggedorn

28. Fran Allison

29. Cliff Murdock

30. Vic Mizzy

31. Whitney Blake

32. Harvey Klinger

33. Edith Keeler

34. Norville Rogers

35. Noel Neill

36. Byron Glick

37. Pandora Spocks

38. Mike Fink

39. Sarah Purcell

40. Sol Saks

41. Andrea Thomas

42. Dick Tufeld

43. Agnes Nixon

44. Roosevelt Franklin

45. Alexandra Cabot

46. Bruno Martelli

47. Bess Myerson

48. John Drake

49. April Dancer

50. Lucas McCain


  1. I got 20 just scanning them. Do I win?

  2. You beat me, Joanna - I got 18 with my first scan. Got to think about the rest a bit. What a great idea!

  3. Just 15 at first glance. About another 15 that I recognized but couldn't exactly state who or where they're from

  4. I don't think I got more than 13 after a quick look. Loved the inclusion of Miguelito Loveless!

  5. If I've stumped some of my very smart fellow classic TV bloggers, I have done my job.