Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why You Won’t Find Obituaries Here

In the short time since this blog was launched, Frank Cady, Don Grady and Andy Griffith have passed away.

As the subject of Comfort TV is classic television, it’s not surprising that I’ve had readers ask if I’ll be writing something on these poignant events. The answer is no.

My intent in this blog is to discuss, celebrate and hopefully offer a few observations about classic television in a way that will entertain those who share this passion. And doing so will certainly require acknowledging the contributions of the performers who make classic TV so memorable.

But while I understand the urge to pay tribute to these actors at the time of their passing, we honor them every time we watch one of their shows. We have been given no more valuable gift in this life than time, so what better way to express our recognition and appreciation for their talents than the desire to spend another few moments in their company, laughing again at familiar punch lines or riding along on another crime-fighting adventure?

However, for those who wish some sort of summation on these occasions, here it is: If you spend your time on this planet creating or collaborating on an artistic work that makes generations of people happy, that lightens the burden of their personal and professional trials, and inspires shared moments of joy with their family and friends, then you have spent your time here well.

Actors are mortal, but the roles they play are timeless. So while Andy Griffith has died, Sheriff Andy Taylor is still with us, and he will always be around anytime you want to stop by Mayberry and pay him a visit. Frank Cady is gone, but Sam Drucker is ringing the cash register of the Hooterville general store. One hundred years from now, they will still be there. And they will still make people smile.

God bless them all.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. A very moving post, Frank. So glad you're back--I missed you! fundraising